Student Selection Process

Teachers recommend students in kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade for scholarship consideration. Once in the program, WIT supports students through at least 6th grade if they meet academic benchmarks. The selection committee, consisting of 6 teachers and the principal, select recipients based on the following criteria:

  1. Economic Need – Based on living arrangements, use of utilities, employment of adults, and number of school-age children. Students are eligible when the costs of living prohibit tuition payments. Preference is given to students from single family homes, whose parents are unemployed, and whose parents are farmers making less than $3 a day.
  2. Family Support – Families must advocate for education and help their children becoming successful students. Parents must attend school meetings as well as rigorously enforce attendance and homework completion.
  3. School Commitment – Families must commit to their children attending Xenajtajuyup school.

WIT Pledge to Students

WIT pledges to send each recipient to school until at least the 6th grade, if all conditions of the contract are met. Beginning in 2006, WIT began supporting several students who wished to continue studying from the 7th grade onward. Students receive increments of their scholarships after every marking period.

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